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wooooooohoooooooo [29 Nov 2006|01:27am]
so this is still up...

jeez it's been too long.

i love this- shit happens all year round, then i come back on here and everything's back to normal so i feel like it's not important to say any of it.

school sucks but at least i can still be here.. i just got a really good scholarship for this year. im gonna try and take extra classes next semester.

fred's coming to visit this weekend. i had a really nice break last week. i watched aiden a couple times for jesse.. he's sooo big and surprisingly well-behaved.
chaz is working really hard which is surprising cuz he was a waste earlier this year.
beau's in the high school now which is weird i guess, but he looks so much older. girls love him haha.

fred. love him

wow [08 May 2006|06:32pm]
my life is racing by me

[21 Aug 2005|01:57am]

yeah i have no idea how i'm gonna pay it off.. but i'm leavin tomorrow. i really am gonna miss k-town.. well just my friends. it's gonna be weird. probably won't be on here ever...

i'm gonna die without being with Fred. got to spend more time with him now.

[28 Jul 2005|04:02pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

so i've been busy getting stuff ready for college while working and going to parties.

one of these nights i went swimming in this guy's pool with my clothes on and i went into his house later with the a/c and i like froze and got really sick. had a fever and stuff too. i checked my temperature today: 97.9 what the fuck..

i've been writing in a journal because i find it easier. i can draw pictures and stuff. it's helped me through some stuff now.

everything's exactly the same. i must really hate change.

i bet my dad's in jail and they can't contact us. hopefully people don't find out because me and chaz are over 18 but beau isnt.. and chaz doesnt work. yeah really behind on bills and shit.
my one job ends soon.
i have a feeling im never going to end up going to college just because of the money issue and it sucks. i don't want to work mad hard the rest of my life to pay it off.

need to start excercising more or throwing up more when i drink


[02 Jul 2005|01:48am]
mad depressed and burnt. i always fucking say i'm never doing it again because i feel like shit. i don't even blame fred for leaving me there. i wish i could have left me there. god it was the worst ever can't even remember but being upset before it is just stupid.

he leaves the 9th to visit his dad and stepmom and sister.

fuck kingston seriously

i don't feel like talking to him.

about to fall asleep.

chaz needs a fucking girl because im sick of having to worry about him.

i feel like fighting somebody. i havent fought in awhile.

aahh i have to wake up early again. sick of this shit.
my school lied to me and so since i failed the regents i took with a 38 i have to take it over again in august. fucking idiot guidance counselor told me i didnt need to pass. fuck that bitch i'm done with school.

i uuhh i need a drink

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